AGAME Tennis



You’ve got to love the sassy sportiness of this knife- pleated, A-line, halter-neck tennis dress, AGAME Tennis’s contribution to the 2016 White Cashmere Collection. There’s added on-court chic in the veiled Cashmere BT visor, exuberantly flowered wristband and oh so soft tennis racquet.  



Andrea Watley, it seems, is always up for a challenge. After a successful marketing/advertising career, this Torontonian (and breast and liver cancer survivor) turned her passion for competitive club-level tennis into a niche fashion business. Untrained in design, Watley was confident she knew what women wanted, including developing custom fabrication. Her brand is now celebrating 10 years with the launch of her new AGAME Tennis '16 Classics Collection (as in “always bring your A game”) of snappy white tennis clothes and figure-flattering athleisure wear for women.