IZ Collection



The IZ Collection creation for the White Cashmere Collection 2016 gets its glamour from an eye-catching array of head-to-toe textures: Cashmere BT caviar- beading at the neckline, ruching effects through the hips, and a crystal-strewn band at the knees that releases into a tumble of handkerchief-point layers. 



Izzy Camilleri is considered one of Canada’s premier fashion designers and has recently collaborated with Gord Downie, creating his now iconic metallic leather suits for their cross-Canada Tragically Hip Tour. Ten years ago, after creating her first custom piece of clothing for a wheelchair user, this A-List couture designer conceived the IZ Collection. Now with a complete offering for men and women, the IZ Collection features stylish wardrobe essentials with unique, discreet functional details and quality fabrics that fit and flatter the seated frame. What’s more, 10 per cent of all IZ sales go towards accessibility initiatives across North America.