Lisa-Drader Murphy



Lisa Drader-Murphy’s cool sleeveless ensemble tucks a short pencil skirt under a breakaway frock with a dramatically ruffled portrait collar. Piped and waist- sashed in pink, the snowy white Cashmere BT “fabric” gets a happy hint of colour. 



Lisa Drader-Murphy is an award-winning vertical fashion house where named owner and designer is hands-on in every aspect of the business since starting her Turbine label in 1997. Lisa’s company is unique in that it is one of the few remaining in Canada that houses all the design, cutting and sewing of her collections – all from her privately owned production facilities located on a more than 200 year-old sea captain's estate in Nova Scotia's historic Annapolis Valley. Now with five of her own retail stores in three Canadian provinces, her business has garnered national and international attention. Lisa’s designs have also been spotted at various high-profile events including the Cannes Film Festival, Oscars, and the Golden Globes, as well as on celebrity clients such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Missi Pyle, and the wives of Dennis Quaid and William Shatner, to name but a few.