Som Kong



Persephone, the Greek goddess of Spring, was Som Kong’s inspiration for this organic, abstract sculpture of a mini-dress. Yusun Kang contributed the painted portrait crowned with 3-D Cashmere BT flowers.



Som Kong’s men’s and women’s wear business has the vibe of a successful Silicon Valley start-up. This 25- year-old Ryerson grad from Hamilton traditionally shies away from seasonal collections and prefers to create a new piece only when the spirit moves him. Kong then posts his new pieces on Facebook or Instagram to test their appeal. However, this emerging designer rose to the challenge to create a Cashmere BT garment that celebrates Spring. Working with a changeable group of about 12 believers (often including current Ryerson students), Som sells his sharply-carved dresses, pants and signature trapunto jumpers (aka sweaters) via IM, pop-ups and trade shows. So far, so awe-SOM.